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Where i can find the guide for report development and how to select the right field from module

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I am new to SF, I want to design few reports, but it is difficult to find the correct field can category of fields. let me know if training module is available? any reference for how to find the field. 

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What Function are you using to call pcr ZS01, and what have you used in Par2 and Par3 ?

In my system, pcr XCM0 for ESG * and WT **** will first query the WT's value for Processing Class 31, and if the return value is other than 0 it will give an ERROR.

Should WT /S01 be associated to ESG * or to a specific ESG? Check the ESG of WT /S01 in your Production environment.

In pcr ZS01, you are processing WT 2MEL to create WT /S01. What is the ESG of WT 2MEL?

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I am using PIT ZS01(Custom Rule) in Par2 and GEN.

As suggested by Rabi I will try to copy same PCR for ESG Grping 3 and share the results

ESG for WT 2 MEL is "1"

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ESG for /S01 is 1 ... /s01 is automatically gets created after tax calculation from BSI.. the amount which is coming in /S01 is not matching with business requirement. they want total gross instead of taxable earning if there is only supplemental payments to an employee.. ESG for WT 2MEL is "1"