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What to do if the End user is unable to view the Guided Tour Through SAP Companion for Desktop

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A co-worker was unable to run the guided tour through SAP Companion for Desktop I created on QA environment in SAP Logon. The bulb on the sidebar in their system didn't light up and it didn't show the related simulations as well as the guided tours I had created and added in the SAP Companion for Desktop file when they opened the same application SAP logon screen.

What do you think could have gone wrong? What can I do on my end to fix this issue so that users at their end are able to view the related guided tours as well as simulations.


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Check if the SAP Companion for Desktop file containing the guided tours was properly shared with your co-worker. They need access to the same file that you created the guided tours in. Ensure that the file is accessible and located in a directory that your co-worker can access. Verify as well that the SAP Companion for Desktop application is configured correctly on your co-worker's system. They should have the necessary settings enabled to display guided tours, such as the "Enable Guided Tours" option in the application settings.