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VLS - sending calendar invite to an admin account for all VLS sessions

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We are just enabled Virtual Learning Session (VLS) in our instance. So far, the workflow seems to be fine, calendar invites are sent to all learners and instructors when a VLS is created.

We thought since the system sends the calendar invites for VLS,  it will keep a copy of the Teams event in the system' calendar (the emeila address where all Learning notification). That does not seem to be the case. 

In addition to sending to learners and instructor, is there a way such all VLS session calendar invites  are CC-ed & sent to/ kept in a central admin account for reference & visibility? 

Someone suggested created a pseudo user account and registering that pseudo user for all VLS courses. Then the associated email will receive all VLS course invites. Just wondering if there are other solutions instead. 

Thank you all in advance

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