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Variable Pay - "basis" field / FFLD1 number format setup

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Dear Experts,

In my Variable Pay configuration, I use basis field (background element for varpay) to calculate target amount.

The field returns the correct value, but I cannot setup how to display only 2 decimals.

I found this KBA (2475491 - How to define number format for Background Element - SuccessFactors - SAP for Me)but something is not working properly. After importing Data Model xml, BCUI was disabled.

I introduced the code at the beginning, above standard element sections, as per KBA.

Can you please help me with some insights regarding this issue.

How can I resolve properly the problem?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi alexandracomsa

Here is an example from a customer Succession Data Model. It's not on the Basis field but Basis works the same way than the example below.

All the best


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Dear Xavier,

Thank you very much for the fast and correct answer.

The configuration worked properly.

All the best,