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Variable Pay Mass Update Job - Not updating # of days correctly

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Hi Team,

We have a field on our variable pay template history section where it stores the # of days of each assignment row. 

We started the cycle few days back and with the help of SAP SF, we scheduled Employee History job along with update worksheets and another job to perform mass update and this job type is "Variable Pay Mass Update Job". Prior years, this used to update the field correctly but this year, it is not updating that field correctly.

For ex: one of the assignment has start date as 12/31/2022 and end date 12/31/2023. The job is calculated the # of days as 366 instead of 365 as it considers 12/31/2022 as well. Whereas in prior years, it used to calculated 365 correctly.

Anyone facing this type of issue and how this was resolved.

Guidance appreciated.

Best Regards,


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After rescheduling the jobs in provisioning, the issue was fixed and the # of days got calculated correctly. 

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