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Vacant Matrix Positions not visible on Succession Org Chart

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Hello there,

in the Succession Org Chart, it is not possible to see vacant matrix positions.

The manager's position has 7 matrix positions below itself, of which 6 have an incumbent and 1 is vacant. In the Position Org Chart, if "Matrix Positions" is activated behind the eye icon, the vacant position is visible:


However, if I want to see that same vacant position from the same manager's view on the Succession Org Chart, it is nowhere to be seen. Only the 6 matrix positions with an incumbent are visible:


Is there any way how to make the vacant matrix position visible on the Succession Org Chart as well? That is an issue for the customer as the vacant matrix position needs to be considered in the Succession Planning Conferences just like the matrix positions with the incumbents.

Thank you very much in advance for any advice and best regards!


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