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Using both automatic overtime and approved overtime

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Hello Expert, 

We have a condition where a group of personnel subarea will work from 08:00-19:00 with 1 hour break. From 17:00-19-00 will automatically be calculated as 150% overtime, after 19:00 the employee would still be able to do more overtime if they make a request for an overtime using IT2007.

I had tried using 2 approaches for this 

1. Using the automatic overtime function on daily work schedule, but it's clashed with IT2007 and not providing overtime pair

2. Using the fixed value on table T510S, it was able to generate the wage type for overtime. But it has the problem that it's applied to all personnel subarea.

Is there a way to make the fixed value on T510S only apply to certain personnel subarea?

Help would be really appreciated.

Thank you,


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There is a grouping field on T510S - 'ORGMO Time wage type selection rule group'

This is set in standard PCR 'MODT' or your customer version of same. The setting of interest is MODIF W

This essentially allow you group your employees for wage type generation via T510S by what ever way best suits your business