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User account reset doesnt trigger email to the user

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Hi Team,

While one user is unable to login, even when I am resetting that account, that doesnt trigger a login link to the user.

Email notification is already checked in SF.

Please share your thoughts

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Is this for Onboarding 1.0 module? We have been experiencing the same problem with this module starting on January 1st. Our tech support team asked SAP support team about it and they said the configuration settings were fine, which is odd because our new hires still do not receive the emails. The email field on the email templates are blank/do not populate. We are looking for a solution, too, since this is a big problem.

Thanks for raising the issue!

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Is this in Production? If not, is Single Recipient enabled in Provisioning?

Hi muruganandh1985 I recommend following the below links:

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Various reasons possible:
1. If IAS is enabled, that makes sense as it won't trigger notifications for that anymore, the reset should then occur via IAS
2. The email of the employee to be reset is incorrect (this is the one in the user data file, not the contact details portlet)
3. It's hitting the spam folder of the employee or the employee has a rule in place to remove SF emails (hence it's sent, just not received)

To be fair, when I do resets, I never use the automated link, I always choose the password they get, because that way I can always check if the login is even possible (and then share the details) and reduce confusion.

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Thank you Jasper. I will check your points 1 & 3 as I tried 2.

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