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Unfortunately, our vacation business rule does not round to 0.5 days

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Here’s an overview regarding our accrual rule dilemma. My challenges are highlighted in red.


Our Requirements for the accrual in the UK:

  • All full-time employees have 25 vacation days per year
    • The 25 days are pro-rated based on the job information: Working days per week
      • E.g. 3 Working days per week  25/3*5=15
  • In the UK legislatively the calculation for an employee’s first year of employment, is one twelfth of the company entitlement on the first day of each month and we would always round up to the nearest half day or full day. Examples:
    • Hire date on 4th March: 25/12 months x 10 remaining months left in the year = 20.8 , rounded up to 21 days leave
    • Termination date on 31st March: 25/12 months x 3 months worked = 6,25, rounded up to 6.5 days leave
  • Periods with parental leave are not regarded for the calculation (optional requirements, we could take this out if it makes it easier)


We currently have the following rule in the system:

Results are:

  • Correct: Employees get 25 days per year
  • Correct: When entiring an event (e.g. Termination), the balance shows 1 decimal, e.g. 6.3
  • Incorrect: For a termination on e.g. 31st March, the rounding is going from 6.25 to the next higher decimal, 6.3 instead of 6.5  it should always move to the next “half-day”, 6  6.5  7 
  • Incorrect: We can’t find the solution that it always rounds up. Any option we tried, was rounding down if it was <.5 (e.g. 6.01  6.00 instead of 6.5)


You shared the KBA --> I tried it, but as also stated in their description it also rounds down and not always up (e.g. 6.2  6.00 instead of 6.5)


You also shared the KBA  I tried the exact rule, however I don’t get any accrual balance at all. Maybe I need to add something in addition. Also from reading the rule, I can’t find the logic, where it would define, that it’s always rounded up to the next half day. (meaning 6.2  6.5 instead of 6.3).


For the note, SAP (ticket is in the 5th cycle now) shared this documentation with me:


This seems to be the correct rule, according to the text specification. However I was unable to build this since the marked information is not available in my dropdowns:



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Lukas, have you tried to follow the below KBA: - for rounding up please use 0 in the threshold instead of 1.

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