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Unconditional access to complete organizational data in Story reports

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Does this feature only work with the HR data?

We have been trying use analytic stories for learning but can't because the reports we created are using tables that our coordinators do not have access to in Learning. The only way the reports work is if we give the coordinator the "Learning Admin" role.... which we cannot do.

We need a feature like this:

  • Unconditional access to complete learning data in Story reports
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Hello Brian,

we also had  this problem.
We found that the best practice for including the learning permissions is to build your queries from Users. So instead of starting your query e.g. from items, the data source (first part) should always be Users.

This works for managers employees and admins (if they have e.g. permissions for users in a specific domain). 
This way, no additional permissions are needed in Learning and in the Report-Centre (expect the base report-centre permissions).

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,