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To assign courses automatically

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Hi Experts. I would like to know if it is possible to automatically schedule (30/60/90) the action to assign courses according to their start date?

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@former_member73823, in my experience, there is no feature in the Learning module at this time that allows you to schedule an assignment to happen at "X days post Hire Date". There have been numerous enhancements over the years for that functionality, but nothing has been delivered.

Here are some of our lessons learned from years of trying to manage the timing of assignments:
* Assignment Profiles provide automated assignments based on a user matching specific assignment rules, but there is no rule attribute for "X days post Hire Date". The Hire Date attribute that is available to assignment profiles is a static date so that assignments are made to users who were hired before or after the specified date.

* Assignment Profiles do provide the ability to assign items, curricula, programs, etc. based on Item Completion, and this is a feature that we have used with some success to sequence the assignment of required courses. In our use case, we have created either a program or a curriculum that contains a "trigger item". When the user completes the "trigger item", the assignment profile will assign the next curriculum in the instructional sequence. The cautions with this process, however, are that the trigger item must not be revised (because the revision process does not update the assignment profile to use the new version) and it is tricky to set up the trigger item in a way that prevents users from completing it prematurely.

* If you use Curricula to assign your items, the items within a curriculum can have their Required Dates calculated as X number of days after Hire Date instead of the default setting of X days after Assigned Date. This behavior is controlled by the Initial Assignment Basis setting on the item within the curriculum. This feature might work for you as long as that curriculum is only getting assigned to newly hired users AND none of the items within that curriculum get revised to a new version in the future. The caution with this feature is that, if an item gets added to the curriculum in the future (including new revisions of the existing items), any users who already have that curriculum assigned could suddenly show overdue for that item because the Required Date would be calculated based on their Hire Date.

* Using the Manage Assignments tool, a Learning Admin can manually schedule an assignment to happen on a specific date in the future, but this is a manual process and does not have any type of dynamic date functionality. In addition, the Assigned Date value cannot be set to a future date. For example, on Aug 23, you can schedule an assignment to happen on Sept 1, but the date that will be used for the Assigned Date value will be Aug 23. Any Initial Assignment settings that use Assigned Date basis will be calculated from the Aug 23 Assigned Date.

I realize this is probably not the answer you were hoping to get, but we seem to all struggle with this issue.

Good luck,
Mary Katherine

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Apologies for duplicate reply