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Timesheet Comments From Approver Visible to Employee in Timesheet


Hi Everyone, I have raised the above improvement request, which I believe would be great user experience improvement for employees during approval. Please see if you company would also benefit and vote if suitable. Thank you. SAP Timesheet 

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Give a brief description of what business problem your suggestion helps to solve  

When employee enters comments when submitting timesheet, the approver can see the comments in the approval request details in SuccessFactors, However when approver approves or rejects with comments, those comments are only visible to employee in the email notification. This is inconsistent and bad experience for employee. Employee would need to see the comments in timesheet so that (s)he can follow the instructions, especially in case of rejection. It is no good user experience to switch between email and timesheet screen.

Do you have a suggestion for how you think that the issue can be addressed?

Make approval and rejection comments visible in timesheet. Ideally comments would be stored for each approval and rejection status against the timesheet, but as a minimum they could be displayed top right hand corner until the next approval / rejection status. It would be also useful to store employee employee comments for each submission case.

Which roles (e.g., employees, managers, HR business partners, administrators) are impacted by the issue?

Line managers and employees

Do you think that other companies would benefit from solving this issue? Please describe

Yes, anyone using timesheet with approval process.

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