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Time Off Recruit Rule: Rounding up in 0.5s

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Hi experts,

I have a problem in Time Management I cant get quite right. Our company keeps a rather simple system for time off, just assigning Days to be booked at half or full increments. 

We are flexible for new joiners and try to round up when their time off is in the form of a decimal place. For example, our full balance is 26 days for the year, and when someone joins the system will take 15.2 and default up to 16 for example. In reality, it would be more appropriate to get it to 15.5.

AIs there some way to get the rounding to be more to 0.5 as to +1?


Thank you,

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @Antonis ,

There is a nice KBA article covering this requirement: 2321693 - Rules - Round down to multiples of 0.5 - SAP for Me

Hope it helps,


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Hi Sorai,

I did in fact find that previously but I was looking to round up as to down, and struggled anyway to replicate it.

Best regards,