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Talent pool restrictions

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Dear Experts,

i want to restrict the talent pools access for the HR rolle. There is an option in role base permissions where additional attributes can be created to apply the restriction on the talent pools. Do you know where and how can i create these attributes so i can restrict the role to specific talent pools?

below you can see where exactly i would like to add a new attribute based on whihc i can restrcit the target population:

I will appreciate if you can let me know how to add these attributes?

Kind regards



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Hi PO, If you want to restrict the talent pools access for the HR role, please follow the procedures and links below:


1. Go to Admin Center Manage Permission Roles.

2. Select the relevant role. For example, HR planners or managers typically have these permissions.

3. In the Grant this role to section, click Edit Granting.

4. Find Talent Pool in the section for other objects. By default, the target population is set to All. If a role has been assigned object level permissions for talent pools, then this setting enables all users assigned to that role to access all talent pools. Restrict access to talent pools based on their attributes.

5. Choose an available attribute from the dropdown.

6. Select the operator and value to restrict and save your changes.

Help Portal: 

If this guide is still unable to resolve your issue, please feel free to reach out to me or support team. 

Best regards,