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System should not give error if all budget holders in the hierarchy don't have budget for spot award


Dear all,

Managers are budget holders, and they can give spot awards according to their budgets. Howevere, managers get "no budget error" a lot while creating spot awards. System checks all managers in the hierarchy and their budgets while a manager is giving spot award. If any upper manager in hierarchy used up all his/her budget, system gives 'This employee does not have a budget holder' error and do not let to give spot award. 

We are asking for a change in system logic to include only budget holder's budget in system controls.  I submitted an improvement request. I am kindly asking for your votes.

Here is the link:

Request ID: 296742, 

Thanks in advance for your support.       

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Answers (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Thanks for sharing the idea, definitely an interesting idea for Product to take into consideration.

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Hi , I think this can be achieved using custom budget holders please have a look on below KBA