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System error when loading users in SAP SF: Exception

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Errors: System error when loading users:

00001700 - Exception caught: can not get personId

User was has been hard purged and should be recreated

I am getting this error when I want to create a new user in SAP SF which was hard purged from SAP SF.

I've tried to Open Check Tool and search for "User Management" application: it should find the user IDs which are not properly configured and should be causing the error But there's no error related to user IDs






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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Have you reviewed the 15 issues found on this run and applied the Quick Fix?

Additionally, you may refer to KBA 3279375 - Import Employee Data error - Exception caught:


  1. Go to Admin Center > Navigate to Check Tool;
  2. Under Application, select "User Management" > Click Go;
  3. Find the following check: "Each employee's person data is correctly associated with corresponding employment data. (OrphanPersonGOs)" > Run the check;
  4. Run the Quick Fix;
  5. Import the file again.

I hope this helps 🙂