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Sync between SF Recruiting and otther application

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Hi Experts,

I have 2 ATS, other ATS and SF Recruiting. The other ATS is the master and SF RCM is the slave.

Currently, I want to sync the recruiting process from ATS to SF RCM. Is there any best way to get the data from other ATS? Is there any boundaries to sync from that 2 systems?



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Hi @-dk- 

you basically three options on how to integrate data with SuccessFactors Recruiting module.

  1. Use Legacy Recruting migration import from provisioning - this is applicable only for new instances for migration the data from another system
  2. Use sftp or rest connection from integration center - triggered by Successfactors, where it sends a request to your master ATS to obtain information from their API or from SFTP server in form of XML or JSON file
  3. Configure custom integration working with master ATS API and SuccessFactors OData API to synchronize the data between the two systems.


We usually use legacy import from csv on the go-live and than build a custom integration via OData API for our customers to sync information about job advertisements, candidates and their application, interview and other feedback or actions.

The OData API is well documented on

Have a nice day, František