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Support and Usage of "alternate job code connector" in LMS

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Is there some live customers that have been using "alternate job code connector"

to add multiple job-related assigments to employees ? 

the use case is the following : 

employee have a position with Alternate jobcodes  ( custom fields)

Integration center is defined to send these information to LMS thru alternate jobcode connector.

Does it requires to have Assignment profiles adjusted for it ? 

Does it requires the Job Code Connector also to be defined ?

is it still supported in 2024 or is there some decommisioning on these feature that we should be aware of ? 

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We use Alternate job codes for employees that hold multiple positions. It is a standard filed within the LMS.


There are not many configuration options for this connector. 


Alternate Job Code and Job Code ARE differnet fields, so Assignement Profiles need to be designed to capture. We will typically create an additional group in the AP for Alternate Job Codes.