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Succession Dashboard - Position Title not shown on the Dashboard

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Hi Experts,

Succession Standard Dashboards have a Position Title field and it shows a blank value. When raised an incident with SF, the support team confirmed that the dashboards use positionTitle, a delivered field of the Position Object. So, the support team replied us to use that positionTitle field on the position object, so that we can see the position title on the dashboard.

We are hesitant to use that positionTitle, delivered field as SF clearly mentioned in the implementation guide to use externalName field instead of the positionTitle as it is deprecated.

How we can get this fixed by SF as the support team is not willing to take it to the product team and they ask for creating an enhancement request. Since this seems like a defect, I want this to consider by the product team and fix this.

How are other customers using the standard dashboards for Succession delivered by SF and how the position title field shown on the dashboards? We don't have partners or PS to customize this dashboards?

Any idea to fix this?

Appreciate any reply on this.

Note: We are not using People Analytics yet and we still use Report Center.

Thank you.


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