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SuccessFactors Outlook Integration with two domains

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I am currently working with a client that has interests in enabling outlook integration for interview scheduling, however, this client operates in multiple (two) domains and has a requirement to enable outlook integration with their 2 domains in the same instance. Currently it looks like there is a system limitation in SF that only allows administrators to input one domain. Has anyone come across this issue with a client theyve worked with? If so, what solution/workaround was implemented to allow the client to use multiple domains in this feature?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


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Hi Patrick,

Hope you are doing well.

Unfortunately, as you mentioned SF can integrate to only one outlook domain at a time. However, it is possible within the client server to integrate multiple domains. I have successfully implemented this with the help of the client IT team. There is not much we can do within SF for this and needs to be configured and completed by the customer. I do not have additional details around the configuration because this was completely owned by the customer.

The way how this works is there will be a common email address that connects both domains. This will then en route the requests from SF and the outlook domains. One of the issues that I faced with this approach is that it takes a longer period for the availability to appear while scheduling interviews which is not a great user experience.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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Hi Ajeesh,

Thanks so much for sharing this. In terms of the lack of user experience with this solution - would you be able to give an approximate on how long it would take the system to grab the availability?



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Is the situation still same on multi domain outlook integration that through SF we can integrate only with one domain...or is there any new development?

I am facing the same issue at this moment.



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Hi @ajeeshnair ,

Do you have more details around this set up?