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SuccessFactors LMS Program - Can I add courses to an existing program?



I have an existing program that a large number of learners have completed but now I'm being asked to add 2 more sections and courses to that program.

How do I add more sections and courses within those sections so learners will NOT be required to redo the first section of the program that they have already completed?

Would I be better off just creating 2 additional programs rather than add 2 more sections and courses to an existing program?

I need to roll this out this week so I'm looking for a quick response to this question.

Thank you in advance! Paula

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Yes, you can do this. When to save the updated Program agenda with additional items, you will have an option to either reassign the updated Program to all existing assigned users or not (which will only affect new future users assigned to the Program).

Alternatively you can create a new seperate Program to assign to new future users as required

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I'm facing the same situation right now. Is it possible then that those who completed the program will be only required to do the last added item? Thanks
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When you add an Item to the program, there is an option to take into account the credits previously obtained for the item, based on the learning history of the learner. So, if this option is set for all items, when you reassign the program, the users won't have to retake the courses recently completed.