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Success Factors Mobile App

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Hi everyone,

I was looking at the Success Factors Mobile App today.

I would really like to promote it to our employees to increase their engagement with Success Factors.

I was really surprised that it does not feature the ability to add learning to history. Given how accessible mobile devices are these days, I expected this to be a feature. How easy would it be to add an item and upload the evidence from a mobile device.

Is this something that I just haven't found that is available?

If it isn't, is it something that is being explored by SAP?

Looking forward to your insights and thoughts.

Have a great day,


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Hello, Hashikawa-San.

1. In Producer, click New Object then select Media Object.

2. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean here (no apologies necessary for your English - it is better than my Japanese!). You want to integrate Web Assistant into your Fiori system? That's a big task and you'll almost certainly need some SAP/consulting help with that, if you don't have anyone who can do that already. Start with the Web Assistant Integration Guide. But once you have Web Assistant connected (to your Fiori system - S/4, SuccessFactors, Ariba...) what are you trying to do? You want to create a video? Or a simulation? Why? Just to show how it works? For users of the application, you can provide help using Web Assistant (e.g. Guided Tours) itself...

Please respond with more details on what you're doing and we may be able to help more.

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Thank you for your answer.

i want to make a manual that let the user to see descriptions in gui by web assistant.

So my goal is to know how i can use web assistant in gui.(the person who assigned me says that it's possible using the system inside SEN)

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What do you mean by "gui"? Web Assistant works with Fiori-based system (technically, select systems using a UI5 interface). This includes S/4, SuccessFactors, IBP, bits of Ariba, and a few others. If that's the GUI you're referring to then yes, you can create Web Assistant help content (Guided Tours or Help Topics - not "videos") - once Web Assistant has been connected to the system (see the Web Assistant Integration Guide for details of how to do that). If you already have that, and you just want to create the help content, that's a bigger question. See the SEN50 course in Learning Hub, or any of the short guides in this community, buy yourself a book on Web Assistant, or get some other training.