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Standard content is displayed twice on the Web Assistant (S4Hana)

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Recently the standard content is displayed twice on the FIori Launchpad Web Assistant. The contents are linked together and I cannot delete the duplicate entry. Do you know the problem or what could be the reason?

Unfortunately I cannot upload a picture

Kind regards, Elin

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Elin,

are the contents references of each other? Or did you maybe download one version, fetch it from the education manager (the orange dot disappears) and now you see your own version and the updated one from the standard content?

I think we need to find out if both objects are coming from the education server or if one is yours and one is standard. Then we can figure out what happened.

Take care,


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Hello Kristina

Thanks for the feedback. I think you were right and it showed me two versions, my own content and the updated one. I have reset the content to its original state and now it looks normal again.

Thanks and greetings, Elin