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Some issues with the SuccessFactors Microsoft Teams integration


1. There is no real support structure in place
I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same issues, but there seems to be no real support structure in place for the MS Teams app. If your users have issues authenticating or issues with any of the services, it just tells the user to contact their administrator. This isn't a message we can customize, and as administrators, we can do very little to actually help the user. There are no FAQs in the implementation guide to help administrators understand the cause of basic issues. For example, we have users that cannot authenticate and get the message "The app is unavailable due to user mapping issues. Please contact your administrator for help." SAP support has been no help in resolving these issues. Our SAP reps have been no help in resolving these issues. I cannot enage my internal Teams or Azure beyond verifying my UPN without additional information. If I am seeing this as an issue in a small pilot group, how bad would it be for a global employee population? Would i be expected to raise tickets with SAP for each issue. We have also see an error that states "Unable to reach app. Please try again" Is this an issue with Teams, the bot service, azure, our network, Successfactors? How am i to know and resolve?
2. You cannot customize the list of actions shown to users, even if those actions are not available. Things like view my pay statements will be shown as an action, even if your system does not support that. There is a learn more button which for some reason redirects users to, which none of our end users use
3. When you first download the app, you get a page with formatting errors



4. The EC quick actions don't let you bring in standard fields into some of their templates. If you use standard fields as filtering criteria, you may not be able to bring that filterable field into the change template.
5. Some of the rule types do not function
6. The quick actions also show up in the web app and you don't seem to be able to customize this. Imagine creating a quick action to view your cost center so that someone could do that in Teams without logging in, but then it clutters up this menu


Those last four are somewhat minor compared to the first two. Connecting the web application to a huge enterprise application like MS teams without having a predefined support structure and providing tools to easily fix common issues is a show stopper. Having the interaction with your end users having no customizable options, so that the app suggests services that cannot be completed. Is also a show stopper

A few more issues discovered:

The new people profile spotlight disabled the links to chat in Teams that were enabled by the teams app in the old experience version

Changes you make to your instance, like enabling new quick actions, do not appear in the teams app. I have a support ticket on this, but considering there is no way to really sign out of the app, because even uninstalling the app and reinstalling it keeps you in the same session, Im guessing that I just need to wait until im eventually forced to reauthenticate

The home page is also not customizable and for some reason SAP has it show only your cost center. There is also no org chart in the teams app which would be very useful

While I stay signed into the app with no clear way to sign out, the home page constantly acts like it is signed out and needs to reauthenticate. Almost every time i use the app it asks me to "get started" on the home page.



If you want to use the app for approvals, then you might overlook these issues, but I'd not recommend it. Its pretty anemic on features, difficult if not impossible to support, and directs employees to SAP configuration documentation pretty explicitly. For the features we currently have enabled, there are actually more links to help.SAP than features for end users. I am very confused as to why they added 4 differerent, non customizable, external links to SAP's website in the app

If you want a way to do approvals without accessing the website, i'd recommend the mobile app

What do other people think?

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it looks to me that you have something wrong in the configuration... We don't have payslips in the teams, we have added recognise recently and it's there. The people have exactly what they need to have. It's about permissions and settings of quick actions in the home page configuration. I'd recommend to review it.



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Hello @jsysel, if you click supported commands for quick actions or learn more, it will take you to a guide which lists all available actions and configuration options. Our end users shouldn't see these guides or they are going to get confused. Not only will it suggest actions that they cannot use, but it will show potential functionality that we dont' yet have set up. Like your screenprint, the actions listed out are specific to our instance, but since there are two hyperlinks to an external guide that lists all the actions, it is still confusing
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Hi, I understand, I think this is more for influence portal than anything else. As this enhancement needs to be implemented by SAP into the teams app.