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Showing SAP Companion Help Guided Tour on SAP Fiori Screens

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We are creating SAP Companion Help content (Guided Tour) for one SAP Fiori App. I realized that the first screen in the Fiori app shows one screen ID (context information), while the next / connected Fiori screen shows a different one screen ID (context information). An example shown below. As a result of that, the guided tour created for the Fiori app does not appear on all the screens in that app.

App Name: Manage GL Accounts Centrally

The first screen of the App shows the Screen ID as follows.

Context ID A.png

When I open a GL record from the Fiori app and start editing, the connected Fiori app / screen opens, showing a different screen ID.

Context ID B.png

As a result, the same guided tour does not appear throughout the transaction.

My Question: Any way to deal with the above situation? Any way to display the same guided tour even if the screen ID keeps changing? 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Angad,

In principle, the two screen context IDs should be captured against the overall GT and the relevant context ID against each step of the GT.  Have you created a step on every screen in the transaction?  If you have no steps on a screen in the transaction, the GT will not appear for that screen.


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Hello Shane, thank you for the response. When we created a GT on the first screen of the Fiori app, the GT showed a specific context or screen ID. Now, from that first screen of the Fiori app, when I navigate to the next screen, the same GT does not appear on the Help panel. In that case, when I create a new GT on the next screen of the Fiori app, that GT shows a different context ID. So, my guess is that if each screen in the Fiori app is having different screen ID, we will not see the same GT on all screens. Any thoughts on this?