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Should I use a Post-Test for a exam to pass an Instructor-Led Course?

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I am having a hard time understanding the best way to solve the scenario below. Is a Post-Test the solution? If so I am having a difficult time getting the post-test to work for this scenario.

1.) Instructor-Led item is assigned to user

2.) User registers for class

3.) User attends class and instructor marks complete

4.) User needs to complete an exam to Complete item

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Answers (1)

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Depending on the format of your Follow Up Exam, I would suggest the following set up:
1. Recreate as a Blended type learning items which includes the ILC classes and follow up online exam = 1 completion record for the Blended learning item
2. Create a Program which includes 2 learning items, 1 for ILC, 1 for follow up exam = 3 completion records, 1 for each individual leaning item + 1 for the Program completion.