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SF LMS and MS Teams Integration - VLS Error: Exception while fetching user from Teams

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This is with reference to the SF LMS and MS Teams Integration which is not working as expected for us.

We have completed all configuration updates on Azure and SF LMS as per the documentation.

However, while adding an instructor with VLS Settings - system throws the below error:

Validation Error

Please correct the following errors before proceeding:

The user account could not be created on MS Teams VLS Server. Please try again later or note the error and contact your VLS administrator.
VLS Error: Exception while retrieving user from MS Teams

When there is a similar error in Adobe Connect Integration with SF LMS, we have seen that creating a new role in Adobe Connect for Instructors has resolved the issue.

Is the same required in Teams as well?

Is there any documentation on this that we can refer to?

How do we pull the logs to check the error?

Any help on resolving this is very much appreciated.



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Few things you could check:

  1. Application permission type should be given in Azure as instructed in config guide.
  2. Add the instructor into the Policy in Azure.
  3. Update VLS settings of instructor by updating the email id in instructor profile.
  4. Update instructor account ID in VLS settings and Choose "Use existing account" in VLS settings.

Links to few guides that I followed:


3113230 - Microsoft Teams - VLS Implementation Supplementary Links + FAQs (