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SF Learning - MS Viva Learning Integration - User Record Sync

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Hello Everyone,

We wish to integrate SAP SuccessFactors Learning with MS Viva Learning, but there is a concern about Learner Record Sync and would like clarify how the integration package would handle.

(1) Supposed we know from the below article that Viva Learning synchronizes the associated learner records with the help of PERSON_ID_EXTERNAL data and tries to match with the employeeID attribute in AAD, allowing Viva Learning to fetch user information, user assignments, and completed courses.

(2) And, we know from the below article that course completion records for content consumed in Viva Learning will sync back with SAP SuccessFactors Learning.

However, while one person can only have one PERSON_ID_EXTERNAL (External ID), that person can have multiple UserIDs (because of multiple employment or rehire) in both EC and LMS. When the person has multiple employments with different UserIDs and if that person completes a learning in Viva Learning, how will the package determines which UserID will be synced with the complete learning history, given the point (1) mentioned above? Does anyone has experience in this matter?

Thank you! 🙂


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