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SEN. Bad recognition during recording SAP GUI

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Hi all, I've such problem


  1. OS - windows 11
  2. DPI - 125%
  3. Scripting has been activated in the target system
  4. In SAP LOGON on the author's PC scripting - disable (screen attached)
  5. Accèss to the SAP GUI without VDI, Citrix, etc.


Bad object recognition in SAP GUI.

  1. For example when try to type transaction name in the field not input text macros was used but keyboard click. 
  2. It can't capture bottoms (SAVE, COPY, EXECUTE)
  3. I try to record MS Excel, everything works well.

On my PC everything works well in GUI with the same system and settings (except I use Win 10)

how to fix it?

thanks for the support.



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I've always ENABLED scripting (and disabled the Notify... options). That works for me.

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Hi Dirk, thanks for the comment. I disable all scripting because I need to reboot PC because Windows doesn't respond any action with angle scripting. I will try with your settings.