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SAP Note 3223858

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I am searching the SAP Note 3223858 in this site, however I am unable to get the detail document.  

Help please!

SAP Note 3223858 - BSI: Filing status synchronization with TaxFactory 11.0 delivers the BSI Filing Status Synchronization (BSIFS) configuration option. And you can use this configuration to activate (ON) or deactivate (OFF) the usage of the BSI Filing Status (T5UTKZ) as source of information for valid filing statuses, in the Customer values for configuration options (V_T5F99K2) table view.

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Product and Topic Expert
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what exactly are you looking for? You cannot see what is written in the solution? Or what is the issue?


The solution text states:


From now on, the system will be enhanced to use the Marital Status (T5UTK) table or the BSI Filing Status (T5UTKZ) table as source of information for valid filing statuses depending on customer configuration option BSI FILING STATUS SYNCHRONIZATION (BSIFS).
The valid filing statuses data is provided by BSI and there is no maintenance need on the new table.

To start using the new functionality after applying the main SAP Note and its prerequisites, it is mandatory to execute the Synchronize Payroll Tax Data report (RPUPAYUS_SYNC_TAX_DATA) to populate the new database table with the data provided by the BSI TaxFactory 11.0.

- New configuration option to activate/deactivate the usage of T5UTKZ (BSI filing status synchronized table) as source for valid filing statuses.

Configuration option BSI FILING STATUS SYNCHRONIZATION (BSIFS) was created in the Possible configuration options (V_T5F99K0) view to activate or deactivate the usage of T5UTKZ as source of information for valid filing statuses.

By default, SAP system will consider this option as Manual Filing Status (maint required) (OFF) and customers using BSIFS as OFF will have no impact on the current functionality of the system. Customers can set this option with Automatic Filing Status synchronization (ON) in Customer values for configuration options (V_T5F99K2) view to select the filing statuses source of information as the table synchronized with the BSI Tax Factory 11.0 API ReturnMaritalStatusInfoForFormula.

A summary of the new configuration option is shown below:

BSIFS OptionBehavior
OFF (Default)Manual Filing Status (maint required)
ON Automatic Filing Status synchronization


- New BAdI Definition for BSI Filing Status Descriptions (HRPAYUS_B_FLNG_STS_DESCRIPTION).

SAP delivers default BAdI implementation and example on class CL_HRPAYUS_IM_FLNG_STS_DESCRIP using descriptions for filing statuses from 1 to 25 based on BSI TaxFactory 11.0 documentation. These descriptions are only used by the new functionality when the BSIFS configuration is set to ON. Customers can customize any filing status description on BAdI HRPAYUS_B_FLNG_STS_DESCRIPTION following the default implementation.

The new BAdI has the T5UTKZ structure as importing parameter, which has the following fields:

  • Tax authority
  • Tax type
  • Formula number
  • Withholding format
  • Filing status
  • End date
  • Begin date
  • Default filing status

All these parameters can be used by customers to determine the BAdI output description which contains a long description (40 characters length) and a short description (10 characters length).

The View for BSI Filing Status table (V_T5UTKZ) is used to display the filing status values synchronized with the TaxFactory 11.0 combined with the BAdI's output long description.


For the states without withholding tax or without the filing status field in the state withholding certificate, BSI considers only the filing status 0 as a valid value. When creating a new 0210 infotype entry for one of these states, you may receive the message “No values found” when searching for valid filing statuses.
To use the new functionality for these states (BSIFS configuration option set to ON), you must hide or make optional the filing status field on the state infotype screen following the SAP Knowledge Base Article 2938426.




Edrilan Berisha

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Financials Development