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SAP Improvement Request - Request ID: 297342

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Hello Everyone,

We have raised a new SAP Improvement in SAP Customer Influence. Find the link below:

Request ID: 297342 Restricting the access to display future job changes & actions on employments out of managers' scope

We are reporting an non-compliance behavior in SAP SF Solution, this is in regards to the following behavior:

When an employee is rehired with the same employment and within this process the employee is transferred to another manager, it was detected that the sending/previous manager is able to display and act on the future employment records (which are not anymore in his/her responsibility).
For example it was verified that the old/former Manager could see future records not within his scope, able to select in the "calendar icon" and see the future data information not within is scope, and also preform Report No-shows for the Rehire with same employment, which is also not in his scope to act as.

With the change of manager, this future record is, from an organizational perspective already in responsibility of the future manager and should not be visible or changed by the previous manager.

This is not in line with the principles of Privacy by Design and Default according to GDPR.

Thanks you for your support.

Cláudia Velez

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