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SAP Improvement raised to Enhance Experience usage for RBP "Instance Synchronization Wizard" Tool

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Hello Everyone,

We have a new improvement raised in SAP Customer Influence. See the link below:

Request ID: 308630 Enhance Experience of usage for RBP "Instance Synchronization Wizard" Tool

We raised it due to the "Instance Synchronization Wizard" Tool not being very user friendly, specifically when using it for Permission Groups and Permission Roles (RBP's).

Our request is to then ask SAP to change behavior and/or enhance the "Instance Synchronization Wizard" Tool for RBP as below example cases:

  • Allow text search per Permission Role & Group in the selection step;
  • Enhance the Select All button, to keep already selected permissions when clicked on. But to still consider selected ones, even tough the expert person is unflagging a few of the permissions Options.

Kindly find more details in the SPA Improvement request link.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Cláudia Velez

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