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SAP Enable Now - Editing standard content in the Extended Workarea

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For a client, we are creating SAP Companion content for the SAP S4 application. First, I created the Connected Workarea, and then based on that, created the Extended Workarea. Now, the Extended Workarea by default shows all the standard content, like field definitions, etc. on SAP S4 Fiori screens. as shown in an example below.

Editing Standard Content.png

Question 01: Can I choose to display only specific standard content and not all standard content on Fiori screens? Can I control it from the Extended Workarea in SEN Manager? For example, I want to show standard content for one Fiori app, but not for another?

Question 02: In the Extended Workarea, I can edit the standard content in the live application, enabled by the Author role in SEN. When I edit any standard content, what happens in the Extended Workarea? Is there an additional version auto-created for the edited standard content object?

Question 03: After editing the standard content, what if I want to reset it back to the original standard content? How can I do that?

Question 04: In the following picture, I see the tag (Extension) shown for some standard objects. Does it indicate that these objects have been modified by me? If yes, how to revert my modifications?

Extneded Content.png

Question 5: Is there any setting in SEN Manager to prevent Authors from editing the standard content, as they may do it by mistake?

Question 06: By default, the standard content fetched lies in the Unsorted folder. Should I manually move to the Root Group folder?

Question 07: How often is the standard content fetched automatically in my Expended Workarea? Can I control when I want the refresh of the standard content?

Question 08: When the latest standard content is fetched, what happens to the standard objects that I had edited? Do they get overwritten by the new standard content? 

Thanking you in advance for your responses.

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That's a lot of detailed questions, and honestly you could find the answers to almost all of them in the standard documentation, and could figure out the rest from a bit of playing around. But in short:

  1. No
  2. See Question 4
  3. There's a command on the Options button
  4. See Question 2 and Answer 3
  5. No
  6. No
  7. See the Server Settings
  8. Nothing / No

If you need additional details, see my first para.

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Thanking you Dirk for these responses; they really help me. As suggested, will try out things as well. 

One follow-up question.

Question 06: By default, the standard content fetched lies in the Unsorted folder. Should I manually move to the Root Group folder?

You said No for this question. However, as a best practice, I believe that we need to move even the standard content from Unsorted to Root Group folder. Thanks.