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SAP Enable Now Document Links Error

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hello everyone, I am getting an error message in my SAP Enable Now content where I cannot open any documentation format of the simulation I've created.

Example PDF and Word file attached


The error message upon publishing:


I've tried recreating the document, republishing, and restarting my Producer but none seem to work. Appreciate anyone's inputs.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Eric,

It appears that a file called wi.pdf is missing from your Enable Now content structure.  Did you rename the generated PDF file.  If so, this will be the issue.  If not, try this:

1. Generate the PDF document again
2. Close the Simulation to redisplay the Explorer view in Producer; you should be looking at the content structure, including the Simulation that was used to generate the PDF document
3. Right click the Simulation and select Open Folder

Is the file called wi.pdf there?  If not, there is an issue generating the file.  If the file has not generated, please check the Enable Now Requirements document to confirm that you have the correct version of Microsoft Office to generate documentation.

If it looks like you do not have an issue with requirements, check this KBA.  Download the run the test application discussed in the KBA and see if that identifies the issue.

All you still don't have an answer at this point, raise a support ticket and get Support involved so that they can do a more detailed check.