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SAP Companion browser extension login

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Do you know why SAP Companion Browser extension recognizes the page but opens the companion questionmark only when also the manager is opened?


Is there any SSO setting to be set up on the SAP Companion Script?

Settings such as Open SAML in a new window worked correctly last week. Now it is impossible to sign in without opening the Manager.


Do you have any suggestion?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Anna,

It's definitely an issue with SSO if SAP Companion works when Manager is open but does not when it is not open.  It works because you create a session cookie by logging into Manager and SAP Companion uses that session cookie also.

I would start by checking with your IT team to see if anything has changed, there are many things that can impact SSO, including changes to browser settings and changes to the network setup.  If you cannot determine the cause of the issue, rase a support ticket using component ID KM-SEN-CMP and get support involved.