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RPD, Report Parameter, Another parameter <xx> in the data set is defined with the same position <x>

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The issue "Another parameter <xxxx> in the data set is defined with the same position <x>"
happens if you have defined SQL parameter to process custom search filter in your data set.

During our experiments we encountered some new error patterns: report returns no results (header line only), if

  • the report is definied with domain restriction (role restictions)
  • standard filters are used (e.g. UserSearch, ItemSearch)

We solved the problem after a long time of pain:

if you don´t need a filter value manipulation on query level (picture 1):

  • define your filter in the way you can use it as a SF search filter (/**...*/) so you don´t need SQL parameters

if you need value manipulation on query level (picture 2 and 3:

  • define your filter as you need
  • define the data set parameter inside the data set
  • define a binding for the data set parameter (you find this a additional option in your normal binding)
  • import the SQL parameters in your data set via a temporary table in a WITH CLAUSE at the beginning of your SQL (for you define any other standard filter or security filter)
  • use the filter values by join the temporary parameter table with "left outer join" to every record of you main table

Please notice attached pictures, I hope this is helpful. 

Best regards





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