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Route multiple performance forms to a specific step



Hello everyone,

When I want to send the form to a specific step it is only possible for Individual form (1 user)

However, when there are multiple users (forms) I am limited to send the forms to the last step only

The following KBA says there are possibilities ( to send the forms to any step, but the SAP Help guide doesn’t mention that

Is there any other alternatives that you can suggest me?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Yannick - For that feature to work with multiple forms. You need to follow a little different approach.

Follow below steps for same:

  1. Go to Route Form and search forms based on form template
  2. Select the template associated with the forms
  3. then it asks you to select a group of forms;
  4. here you would see several forms grouped together based on the dates they would have been launched!
  5. once you select a group of forms and search, system allows you to select all those forms together and route to any step!

That's how you can achieve the feature of routing multiple forms at once to any step.

Please remember these notes for the above steps to work:

  • in this way we can select only 1 form template at once
  • form grouping is done by system based on how many forms were launched together or when there was any other update made to that form!
  • this way you may still need to repeat above steps multiple times as it depends on when the forms were launched. For eg: 500 out of 1000 users' forms were launched on 1/Jan and then next 300 forms were launched on 3/Jan and remaining 200 forms were launched on 5/Jan. Now using the above steps of 'Route Form' you would get 3 group of forms i.e. 500, 300 & 200 and can select either of those groups and move them to one of the route map steps!
  • you can route all the forms to one particular step only!

Hope this helps.



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Thank you very much Ujjal, appreciated.