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Role Lists in "latest Role-Based Permissions"

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Hi - With the "latest Role-Based Permissions" screen, we are no longer able to navigate to see the roles.  You can only see what's on page 1 or do a search.  In the legacy role-based permissions screen we would see "items per page" and an arrow allowing us to go to the next page.

Was the removal of the "Next Page" intentional?



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We have an option in the top left hand corner that allows you to select "Switch back to legacy Role-Based Permissions". Electing that will take you to the previous presentation. But it seems the intention is to allow for a single page scroll. Which is very distracting from an audit perspective and hard to manage for different learner/processing types. 


I have concerns as our "Switch to the Latest Robe-Based Permissions" view has a significantly truncated set of Roles. Or at least that's how it appears, if all  pages are intended to be scrolled through. 

What is the best practice recommendation for validation? Logging all roles and then ensure they populate and have associated ID numbers for audit purposes? Will the Latest RBP visibility be required/universally enforced in the near future? I am starting the assessment of all relevant New Rls items today so have not yet had an opportunity to do more than a cursory keyword search. As the lead security administrator for a highly static control group of elevated users for a govt contractor... I'm worried.