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Reports in Time Off - Full or half day absence

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Hi Experts!

I'm creating a report for Time Off and one of the fields that I want is the absence requested for the employee is a full-day or a half-day. How can it be done? What should be the data of the domain when creating the report?

Thank you

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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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@marcelo28 @PetraRana 

Please follow our rollout session / material for the 2H release - you most probably will find a new field in the employee time called "absence duration category" with the values: full, partial and multiple day. This will be available for reporting as well.

And there even might be enhancements in the future with other values (like first half; second half) - but this is now roadmap talk and not yet decided upon. 

Hope you like this news

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there is no half day flag in SF, only full day. In your report you would need to 'calculate' which are the half-day absences as per you definition of half-day absence. Unless 'half-day' you mean 'not full-day' in which case this should be all absences not having 'full day flag'. Hope that this helps.