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Remove Fiori tooltips or SuccessFactors tooltips (Quick Info when mouse hove over)

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Dear all,

we have the issue, that we want to remove the quick info/ tooltips (the small info box when you hove over with a mouse) for Fiori application and SuccessFactors because it doesn't look good in a simulation.

Have anyone an idea if it is possible to disable or remove? We think it is a SAP setting and not a Chrome or Edge setting.

We really do appreciate any tip or help.

Thank you


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For those of us without Anton's mad coding skills, I just train my authors to 'click-then-immediately-move' the cursor off the object. Because of the way SEN captures actions ([i] intercepting the action, [ii] taking the screenshot, then [iii] performing the action) there is usually enough time to move the cursor so the the tooltip / hover over effect disappears before SEN takes the screenshot - and it will always move the cursor back to the object when it performs the action anyway.

Works for me, and I move the cursor off the object after clicking just by force of habit now. But training authors to do the same is sometimes hit-and-miss - and then I end up having to edit out the Tooltip.


Heeeey 🙂 I will productize it 🙂 I already sent this script to SAP Enable Now support + developers and asked them to implement it as a standard function. I haven't received any response yet, but I will keep bothering them.

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Brilliant tip, Dirk! Thank you!


Hi sonjak,

Good news! Looks like this is fixed in the latest SAP Enable Now release. I tried recording FLP, and tooltips do not appear because the entire hover event is disabled during the recording.

Please ignore my first answer if you have SAP Enable Now Cloud.

Kind Regards, Anton


This behavior is hardcoded into the Fiori framework. I'm not sure, whether there is a control in the Fiori to remove from the Fiori source code functions that do it.

These are 2 files that are responsible for showing tooltips.

However, you can temporarily "kill" the tooltips on the page by running this command in the browser developer tools - Console.

//This will remove tooltips from Fiori Tiles
const mutationObserver = new MutationObserver((entries) => {
const panel = document.querySelector('body');

mutationObserver.observe(panel, {
  attributes: true,
  subtree: true,  
  attributeFilter: ["title"],

// OPTIONAL: This will remove titles as tooltips from the fields
window.onhashchange = cleanTitle;

function cleanTitle() {
    setTimeout(() => {
        document.querySelectorAll('*').forEach(function(node) {
  try {
  } catch(e) {}
    }, 1000)}