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Relaying emails to a client own SMTP server - How?

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So KBA 2688533 - DKIM or SPF | SAP SuccessFactors Email Security has a section that states:


Our client tried going through support to do this for their test environment and they were told to go to their partner. I have been trying to figure out where we can enter these values. Is the assumption here you use Single Recipient to send all things to the client service account?

Can someone point the way to some documentation on how to actually set this up. It seems some of the KBA's referenced in this area are "being updated" so you can't access them. And I don't find anything here or Has anyone else set this up and have some instructions as to what we as partners are expected to do? Lisa



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Hi, we tried the same and are being send between SAP and our partner. If you find a solution, please let me know

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