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Recorded Time Exceeding Scheduled Time but Outside Bandwidth

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Hi all,

I'm currently working on a time valuation to get the overtime hours worked in a day, and the first condition is that the recorded hours need to exceed the scheduled working time.

This I have been successful in returning (evaluating). And the hours/times returned here are correct.

The second part of the condition, is that these hours that are in excess need to also be outside the flexitime bandwidth. However, I am unable to get this result. I've used both the "Aggregate Input Groups and Split" and "Dedcut Group from Input Groups" types, while using the excess time mentioned above which returns the correct value as "input." But this is still incorrect.

I would need both the hours that are worked in excess (out of flextime) and worked in excess (within the flextime). 

But I'm unable to get any of these results.

I am able to split the flexitime bandwidth hours in a time valuation, for both inside the flexitime and outside the flexitime - based on the normal recorded time. The problem is when I try to evaluate the excess hours and split the flextime here (for in and out of the flextime bandwidth). 

Kindly assist.




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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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there are more time valuations than "aggregate input group and split" ;-). Please check my blog where I described how to get the hours outside of the flextime bandwidth (see the chapter "flextime"): 

Furthermore to get some detailed information on which time valuations does what check this blog: 

With both information you should be able to cut out the hours outside the flexime bandwidth.

Best regards