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Re H1 2023


Hi Community members,

I just downloaded the WNV for the H1 2023 Release and cannot find the configuration type against each release feature - like Universal, Admin Opt-in, Admin Opt-out and Provisioning features.

Has this been deprecated? 

Instead there is a new column - Enablement - Automatically On; Customer Configured and Contact Product support.

Can anyone please share the relevant documentation for this change in the terminology of the classification of release features?


Kind Regards,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Maggie, please see: This change was made in consultation with our SAP SuccessFactors design advisors.
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Hi Maggie.....had the same issue with no obvious explanation on the What's New page but found this:

The Enablement Filter Describes Configuration Work | SAP Help Portal

The only new value not explained in the article above is 'Unavailable'. There's one release component (LRN-142194) with this value but suspect it may be an error.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Good point about "Unavailable" - we recognized that the help doesn't have an explanation: that's a gap. On Friday, you'll see the help update with an explanation of "Unavailable" and "Not applicable."

As a preview of that content... "Unavailable" means that there is a technical or process reason why we cannot set the metadata. In this case, most "Unavailable" values are because there was no way to make it backward-facing. We couldn't, in a cost-effective way, go back and set Enablement for past releases. Our numbers tell us that views of past releases are almost non-existent, so the cost/benefit didn't add up. If, however, you are seeing "Unavailable" on a CURRENT topic, there could be another technical or process reason why the metadata couldn't be set.

"Not applicable" as a value means that we looked at the metadata - the list of values we could pick - and none of them applied. The classic case for this is "Business Process Variant:" It's the IES process we're releasing for, and (today) we aren't releasing a lot of features for IES (Intelligent Enterprise). So when you see "Not applicable" in Business Process Variant (for example), it tells you "We looked at the feature or enhancement, we looked at IES, and we decided that none of the values applied, almost always because that feature or enhancement has nothing to do with IES.