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Pre-Screening Question: Can Recruiter answer those on behalf of candidate?

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Hi guys,

my client is facing the following situation: Candidate applies for requisition "A" including mandatory (knockout) pre-screening questions (which have been filled out "correctly" by candidate). The Recruiter receives the application for "A" but will forward candidate to requisition "B" because of a better match. Requisition "B" also has mandatory (knockout) pre-screening questions adapted to it. Now, my client cannot forward the candidate on the Talent Pipeline (from Default to Screening status), because the Candidate did not answer those questions on "B".

My client does not want to contact the candidate again in order to ask her/him to fill out the questions again, just for another requisition (the questions are specifically the same ones). This is a "bad" user/candidate experience.

I learned that there is no way to transfer answered pre-screening-questions from "A" to "B".

We also tried to make the MulitStage field (for status default) "questionResponse" editable for the Recruiter (write permission) which did not work - Recruiter cannot change the Candidate Portlet. We also tried to give Permissions on the feature permission "candQuestion" for Recruiters, which did not work.

It seems like there is no option than contacting the candidate again. We would like to have an option for the Recruiter to answer the questions on behalf of the candidate.

Does anyone have a solution? 


Thank you so much 





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Hi Lukas, did you check ODATA API has some solution? - Pre-screening questions (READ) -> New prescreen entity to allow for easy reporting off of application questions and answers = JobReqScreeningQuestion - questions related to a Job Requisition = JobReqScreeningQuestionChoice - the possible choices of MULTI_CHOICE and RATING related to a JobReq Question = JobApplicationQuestionResponse - the questions' responses. Can we retreive this API and update in Req 'B'? Thanks

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