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Possible field configurations "risk and impact of loss"


In the company we use these fields to indicate the risk and impact of loss of our collaborators, these fields are available in the calibration sessions in a column.

Due to the low attention that managers give to this field during the session, we want to evaluate the possibility of adding a section with this data within the Talent mapping form, thinking that during the manager evaluation process of the form (before the calibration step), pre-fill the information in the form and later when they arrive at the calibration session, they can consult that information or even edit if necessary.

Can this setting be done from the "risk and impact of loss" section in the Mapping form?

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Hi Tania. I have a link in the form for the manager to fill out or update the information. As this works as a link, the manager can always skip it.


Therefore, we create an additional matrix in the calibration template for Risk vs Impact of Loss. Any change of ratings during the calibration updates the values at employee profile automatically.

This is a screenshot of what we have in the calibration.


I am sharing my experience as a user. Hope it helps. 🙂