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Position Org Chart - Hiding a Position Attribute

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Hello - does anyone know if the below scenario is possible. 

Our Manager role contains the permissions to view the position org chart but with field level overrides. We have a unique situation where we are trying to exclude visibility to the job pay grade attribute on the position org chart just for our Managers (people leaders). I've created a new position added access to the position org chart with view access to the position (miscellaneous permission) with the field level override of job pay grade (no access). My hope is that this new role applied to the Manager role will exclude the position attribute but based upon my testing its not working that way. It appears the position attribute is based on role and not person. Is there any other way around this situation? 

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Hi @amandafburton are there any other roles which grants access to this field for managers? The accesses are based on permission role set-up for managers. 

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