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PMGM Forms Completed Folder for HR role

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Has anyone had any issues with large numbers of forms in the completed folder on the PM Landing page? We are a government entity and some of our agencies will have upto 15,000 completed forms in a plan year. We were thinking of updating our route maps to add a copy of the completed form to a common HR role profile for each agency, which means that this user profile will have a large number of completed forms in their completed folder for their respective agency.

My question is whether anyone has seen any issues with any user profile having thousands of completed forms in the Completed folder? Are there any issues with opening the folder? Searching through them? Is there a limit to how many forms can be in the folder?

Thank you and I appreciate your feedback.

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Hello Anitha, 

Haven't been seeing issues of late but you might want to see KBA on this matter. There is a limit of 65535 forms that the completed folder can handle. 

It is possible to add folders, rename folders, and delete folders for completed documents to better manage all of the completed forms, since you mentioned you complete about 15,000 a year. See KBA