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PLA-25749 Can Global User Id be used as API filter ?

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Is it possible to filter api query

with Global User Id the same way

we can filter by Person Id External ?

In other word :

if a customer goes into the trouble of implementing a global id schema across the organization, does he have to maintain the complex relationship with other id fields ( personid, userid, assignmentid, personGUID) or can he moves legacy queries to these new field ?


fo global user id info :

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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @pboulicaut ,

May you help to clarify your statement "can not maintain the complexed relationship with ids"? may you give some sample? In general, the IDs are the basic structure and will be generated by the system.

In business point of view, 1 person (person Uuid, person ID external ) has multiple assignments (assignment IDs) for work contract, and 1 account for login purpose(user account ID, global user id) .   


Fannie Guan

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Global user id supports filtering (it's userUuid below).  Person ID external doesn't support filtering but person Uuid supports.  You can refer to Users "GET" (/rest/iam/scim/v2/Users) section.

Supported Filter Attributes:

Core schema

  • id
  • userName
  • userType
  • active


  • lastModified

SAP extension schema

  • userUuid
  • groupDomains

SAP SuccessFactors extension schema (to be deprecated)

  • perPersonUuid

SAP Successfactors extension schema

  • lastDeactivated


SCIM field mapping for your reference. FYI. (