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Personal phone numbers showing for People to Meet

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Hi folks

We have created a custom card on the homepage to surface the Onboarding 1.0 new hire activities, as described here Onboarding 1.0 New Hire Custom Card on the Latest ... - SAP Community Groups

Upon doing so the personal phone numbers of people the manager adds to the 'People to Meet' section are displayed.  Even when the work phone number is maintained for that person it still shows their personal number.

This means the new hire sees the personal phone number of the recommended people, which obviously is a data breach.

Has anyone else found this?  How did you get around this?

SAP's advice is to upgrade to Onboarding 2.0 

I am sure there are other customers out there using Onboarding 1.0 still, would be keen to hear your experience.

Feel free to vote for my improvement request to resolve this:

Improvement Request Details - Customer Influence (


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