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Period End Processing rule for limited Compensatory Off

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Hi, Experts. I'm working with the following requirement: if the employee works on a Holiday, he/she will receive a day off as Compensatory Leave. That balance is stored but, if it´s not used, it is forfeited after 90 days. 

How would be configured the Period-End Processing rule for the Time Account?

I am following this blog Employee Central Time Off – Multiple Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) solution | SAP Blogs but I'm still trying to configure this step.


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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Teresa,

if you follow the blog post proposal then there is no period end processing needed. The ad hoc account has only a validity of 90 days, so the user cannot use it after the validity date.

Best regards


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Hi Teresa,

not sure if this will be any help, but we are tracking SF product gap when automatic time account pay out against time account unless it is closed. We have use case when employee after working overtime and requests time off instead of payment, time off in lieu is updated automatically. However employee can work overtime multiple times so the time account will have multiple postings. SF is not able to assess expiry of each posting and pay it if not claimed as absence within certain time period. We have manual process where HR administrator runs report and checks postings and balance of the time account and records pay out manually.

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Best wishes,